Happy Wovember!

One of our new members, James Carroll, has a grand design. He would like to create a waistcoat all by himself, starting with a raw fleece! This means he will select, wash, prep, spin, weave, sew and finally wear his waistcoat.

The most amazing thing about this plan is that James is brand new to weaving, brand new to spinning and brand new to sewing! He’s so keen to learn. So how does he start? Well FIRST he built his own loom of course! See, James is a talented fella. His background as a mechanical engineer (I hope I got that right!) gives him all the skills to build his own equipment.

He’s been sharing his experience along the way on our Facebook page.

His stories have been really inspiring, and they’ve gotten some of the most responses from anything on our page. Thank you James for sharing!

Happy Wovember

The other day, James posted a Wovember message, and I wanted to share it on our blog here.

Wovember is a month-long celebration of everything that is awesome about wool, and the lovely creatures with whom we share a long history. Sheep and their wool are so important, it’s great to take time to pay tribute to this fantastic fibre.

James was inspired by Wovember, and decided to crochet his own hat! I’m so impressed 🙂

happy wovember hat by james carroll

He was inspired by Wovember in his first post

Well I never …… … expected for one second that joining a guild of spinners, weavers and dyers would rekindle my interest in crochet – but it did. I reckon that it will be a long time before I can spin the quantity or quality of yarn needed for weaving but my early attempts may just allow me to crochet something – even if it is a bit rough. In the mean time, inspired by the item on this page about Wovember, I embarked on a 100% wool project with purchased yarn. Will post my Wovember project soon.

And just a day later, he posted an update with a pic of his hat! From James’s original post.

Getting 100% Wool yarn for the project proved difficult. Neither of the two shops in Carrickfergus stock it – not even “The Wool Shop”! In Belfast I had the choice of Aran weight in cream or Speckled White(ish). Good job my pattern called for Aran wool.

This is a simple beanie because it is my first crochet project in eight years. Most of my previous work was new born baby clothes for my children then my grand children. In a few years I will no doubt continue the tradition with the great grand children.

Pattern is from http://www.allfreecrochet.com/Hats/Basic-Crochet-Beanie

Seen here worn right side out. I also like it wrong side out as this shows concentric rows of pseudo ribs. This is because I worked each half treble into the front of previous row of stitches.

And isn’t it a lovely hat! Sad to hear though that it was actually hard for him to get 100% wool. We hope that will change.

Are you working with wool? Happy Wovember to you!

So ladies, who will be next to post their latest project, any project?


One thought on “Happy Wovember!

  1. More power to you, James – well done! I also favor the “let’s begin at Point A” approach to a challenge 🙂


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