Handspun Labradoodle – Spinning tips for Dog fur

Rosemary McCartney, guild member and hand spinning teacher of SimplySpun, showed off some lovely mitts she made from dog fur, blended with about 10% wool.


This fur came from a labradoodle, which is a crossbreed of labrador and a poodle. This wasn’t your average dog either. This pup won a prize at Scruffts, that’s Crufts, but for cross-breeds.

The resulting mitts are surprisingly soft! We all decided it felt a bit like a very soft kid mohair, because of the fine halo.


Tip for spinning dog hair: Use the undercoat

As described in Modern Farmer Hair of the Dog: Wear Your Best Friend “double coated” breeds of dog are best to work with because they have a soft undercoat.

Rosemary was given two kinds of fur to work with. One had been brushed out while grooming, and another was trimmed (can you shear a dog?) The fur which was groomed was much softer and finer. She chose to work with that. The sheared fur was very short, and it looked harder to work with. That would still need processing to divide the guard hairs from the undercoat.

In an article on Craftsy,  Spinning Secrets: How to Spin Pet Fur Into Yarn, author Ashley Martineau recommends starting to collect the fibre while grooming. This will ensure you get the soft undercoat and less of the guard hairs.

You can also contact Rosemary if you’d like to learn handspinning so you can spin your dog hair 🙂 http://simplyspun.co.uk


5 thoughts on “Handspun Labradoodle – Spinning tips for Dog fur

  1. Hi – I spin a lot of dog hair and agree that the soft undercoat from dogs with a double coat eg Newfoundland, Samoyed and Old English Sheepdog works best. I can just about spin my Deerhound’s hair, which is more of a rough coat than anything else. I work in 100% doghair and it does create a very soft, warm yarn, as described, with a lovely ‘halo’ effect. I take commissions to spin doghair, and also to knit it into a finished, bespoke garment.


    1. Thank you, Christine! I think many people would love to have some handspun yarn from their lovelies, though learning spinning just to do that is a bit far for some. It’s great you take commissions!


  2. Hi Christine, do you spin dog wool… If so, how much does it cost? I’ve collected a lot of fur from my husky akita mix…but my spinning skills are a bit pathetic 😕 Helen


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