Guild Summer Schedule 2016

Our guild meets monthly for regular meetings from September to May. But the fun doesn’t stop over the summer! In fact we have a busy summer schedule of spinning demonstrations at events all over Northern Ireland.

Different guild members have volunteered to demonstrate spinning, and some will even let you try their wheel. 😎

Most of these events are in the context of agricultural or craft shows, which is great if you’re bringing along your family and friends.

We’d love if you could share this post on Facebook to tell others about the summer schedule!

If you’re curious what we did from 2015-2016, check out the previous year’s schedule. Keep an eye out for updates about the next year.


2 thoughts on “Guild Summer Schedule 2016

  1. Cannot find dates for Castlewellan Weekend……is it same as Agricultural Event there? Also keep finding 2016 events programme, not 2017. Please note I have new email, hotmail was hacked, therefore cancelled


    1. Hello Bridget! We don’t have the 2017 summer program up yet. We’re still in the winter/spring schedule of monthly meetings. In May we have our last meeting and by then we usually publish the summer schedule. I will send your info to Lorna about your new email!


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