From fleece to yarn in Northern Ireland

Evie of the The Hapless Hooker contacted us recently to ask about yarn spun from sheep (or any other animals!) in Northern Ireland.

Farm to fibre – yarn from Northern Ireland

These yarns are about as local as you can get!

Dupré Knitwear, yarns and kits. Farmer rearing Leicester Longwool, and a member of our guild. These are from a rare breed flock of sheep here, about as local as you can get! If you contact Siobhan via her Facebook page, she will respond.

The Wool Initiative – Based in County Down. They have a range of breeds available. Recently they posted Romney yarn for sale.

Colours of Northern Ireland – Based in County Fermanagh, handspun, natural dyes.

Mourne Alpacas – They are specialists in raising Alpaca. Yarns for sale. See the shop here.

Seafork Alpaca. They don’t list yarn, but might have some to sell. They produce it handspun.

Find out more about Alpaca farming getting more popular in Ireland/N.Ireland.

Other “local” yarns

If you’re looking for “authentic and local” – you first have to define precisely what that means. Knit British widens the definition of British yarn to be any yarn which is processed in some manner in the UK – or as she writes: grown, spun or dyed. Louise has been inspiring knitters and crocheters towards “local yarn” globally, and by extension her rules could be anywhere in your local vicinity.

So for this reason we can also include:

  • Yarns hand dyed in Northern Ireland, even from imported yarn.
  • Yarns from Republic of Ireland. (Same island!)

Yarns dyed in Northern Ireland

A Fine Fish, Belfast, hand dyed.

Dye Candy, Beflast, hand dyed.

Farm to fibre yarns from Republic of Ireland

I wrote a post on my own blog about “authentic Irish yarn,” and some of the challenges of defining what that is. There are three mills in Ireland each of which produce yarn.

S-Twist Wool The fleece is hand-selected, and hand-scoured using an ecologically friendly scouring method with minimal waste of energy and water.

Cushendale / Zwartbles sell finished products and yarn from this lovely chocolate fleeced sheep.

Alpaca of Ireland- Yarn for sale Balls of 50 gms are available for €7.00 or 10 balls (can be mixed colours) for €60.

These lovely sheep are from Dupré Knitwear



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