Great Day at Castlewellan!

Castlewellan was the last Agricultural show until the Rare Breeds show on Sept 3rd. However we will be at the Folk Museum at Cultra each Wednesday in August. Check out our calendar of summer events.

Also don’t forget we have a contest on, and just one contestant so far!

Spinning at Castlewellan

We had a big group at Castlewellan this year. Kay, Dorothy, Ann, Sarah, and Heather were spinning and demoing.


We even had one very young spinner try out spinning and she was only 7 years old!

All guild members are invited to attend these “spin in public” events, and you can sign up towards the end of the year.


Fleece Judging

Fleece judging was great to see. Fleece with an open lock, no tips and more white than others wins out. And a few of us made off with some fleece from the show. Frieda from The Wool Initiative was there selling washed and raw fleece. One of hers, a Wensleydale, won the overall prize!


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