Spinning at the Rare Breeds show at Gosford Forest Park

On Saturday (3 Sep), we went to the NI Rare Breeds Show and Sale at Gosford Forest Park to spin in a very fluffy tent! We had felt artists, fleece, bunnies and bees (well, honey and soaps!)

This was one of our last agricultural shows of the Summer 2016 schedule. We still have Legacurry on 10 Sept and the Craft Skills Day at the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum on 11 Sept.

At our final meeting in May, Guild members are invited to come along and demonstrate spinning. It’s good fun, and often the people who come to ask questions are involved with sheep. They don’t often get to see what happens to the fleece after they sell it.

Reminder: Our first meeting is Tuesday 6 Sept 2016. Here’s how to find us.

Here are some photos from the event, and a highlight of some of the vendors.

Demonstrating spinning

Heather, Siobhan and Sarah spun on spindles and wheels, and answered lots of questions.


Lots of kids tried spinning too! We showed them the magic of twist by following the “make yarn with a pencil” technique as shown by Abby Fraquemont in this video.

It was great to talk with young farmers about the fleece and they could understand what happens after they sell it.


Fabulous Fleece 

Congrats to all the sheep farmers who put in effort to raise rare breed sheep, and take care with a nice fleece. Sarah also received a gift of the prize winning Whitefaced Woodland. Here is Thomas Cole, who won two ribbons for his Castlemilk Moorit fleece. There was an auction and judging of the fleece.


Amberly Alpacas

Amberly Alpacas was there teaching people about these lovely animals. They product products from their alpaca, and also breed and sell them. A farmer told me he likes them for protecting his sheep.


Can you name that breed? 

There were some lovely sheep there!


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