September: Show and Tell (And spinning wheel surgery!)

Thanks everyone who came along to the first meeting of the new season. Here are some notes and photos.

Next meeting: Tuesday, 4 October 2016. Anne’s Woven Surprise! RSVP on Facebook. Lorna will be sending out a reminder too. Also see the full programme for the Autumn 2016 – Spring 2017.

In our first meeting we heard about the new schedule of monthly events, met some new members, and also did a show and tell of projects we worked on over the summer. Guild members who demonstrated at the summer shows also told how the events went.

We got our copies of the latest Journal of Spinners Weavers and Dyers. Great articles, reports from exhibitions. Here’s some of Siobhan’s knitting as well.


Sarah showed her fermented fleece, and we’ll post about that later this week in more detail.

Here’s Anne with her indigo dyed cardigan, and Emma’s handspun.

Impromptu Spinning Wheel Surgery

New members were encouraged to bring along their wheels. Some wheels hadn’t been spun on in a while. Other members helped them get them running, and also recommended some fixes. So hopefully this will get them spinning again!

Please our Facebook group

We can continue the chat and show and tell online, if you do use Facebook. Members and friends are welcome to join The Spin In. You can also follow the Guild Facebook page to get regular updates.

Heather was quickly finishing up before the end of the meeting. She can ply very fast!

Sorry I didn’t get photos of everyone. Thanks for coming!


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