Where to buy second-hand spinning wheels, looms, and weaving tools in the UK and Ireland

If you’re in the market for some spinning or weaving equipment, you might be interested in buying second hand. You will save some money. Though you aren’t likely to get a steal.

It’s actually a good thing. This equipment generally holds its value if it’s kept in good working condition. So if you’re buying second hand, your item won’t depreciate as much.

Start with us!

We often get asked, where to buy used spinning wheels. We also often get asked if we know anyone who wants to buy a used spinning wheel.

So! The best place to start is to tell us in the guild you’re looking for a wheel, and we will know if there are any available. We meet the first Tuesday of each month from Sept-May, and then in the summers we are at various events doing spinning demos. See how to find us.

Loom Exchange (UK only)

They fund this exchange with a 10% commission on a sale, and they charge to post the ad. You can see how to post an ad here. The wanted adverts stay posted for 3 months.


Ravelry is a brilliant community site for crocheters, knitters and weavers where people share projects and resources. There are several groups with “Buy and Sell” threads.

Make sure you check the policy in each group. For example there are “no chat” threads, meaning you post only your request and the seller will contact you by direct message.

You can post that you are “ISO” (In search of) and then describe the item you’re looking for.

There are so many groups in Ravelry, it’s worth looking around if you have something specific in mind. There’s a Kromski group and Lovers of Ashford Group where you can get both wheels and weaving equipment. Or Rigid Heddle UK if you’re just interested in a rigid heddle.

Buy and Sell Sites

The obvious answer you probably already thought of is Ebay and Gumtree.

There are both new and second-hand wheels and looms.

The problem with buying sight-unseen is the proliferation of “SWSO” Spinning Wheel Shaped Objects, which Abby Franquemont describes in this post on Buying your first wheel.

Hence, why we recommend starting locally with us, and then on Ravelry or Loom Exchange where you can buy from other spinners and weavers.

Buyer Beware


The many objects masquerade as spinning wheels. Here are 3 examples of really bad antique spinning wheels. For example, they have missing flyers or bobbins could be hand crafted – but likely at great expense. Unless you are handy with wood? The worst examples are SWSOs (spinning wheel shaped objects) which were made for purely decorative purposes.

In this video, “Should You Buy That Old Spinning Wheel?” Abby walks you through some different wheels you might see, and how you can assess them.


5 thoughts on “Where to buy second-hand spinning wheels, looms, and weaving tools in the UK and Ireland

  1. Hello,

    I’m searching for a Jack floor loom with Ireland. I’d be grateful if you could contact me if you know of anyone selling one.

    Warmest wishes, Shelley


      1. Hi Louise,

        I’d be interested to know if there is a loom for sale.

        Thanks for your email.




  2. IHi, I’m selling my spinning wheel Pouet S15. In perfect working order. Comes with 3 bobbins. Running smoothly, recently serviced. Very beautiful, clean and well kept spinning wheel.


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