Handspun Labradoodle – Spinning tips for Dog fur

Rosemary McCartney, guild member and hand spinning teacher of SimplySpun, showed off some lovely mitts she made from dog fur, blended with about 10% wool. This fur came from a labradoodle, which is a crossbreed of labrador and a poodle. This wasn’t your average dog either. This pup won a prize at Scruffts, that’s Crufts, but for … More Handspun Labradoodle – Spinning tips for Dog fur

Happy Wovember!

One of our new members, James Carroll, has a grand design. He would like to create a waistcoat all by himself, starting with a raw fleece! This means he will select, wash, prep, spin, weave, sew and finally wear his waistcoat. The most amazing thing about this plan is that James is brand new to … More Happy Wovember!